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Online Learning

The purpose of this page is to provide useful information or links to websites that will be useful for use by schools during the pandemic for home learning. 



Key Stage 3


Bible Society KS3 Resources To improve Biblical Literacy
Request Website for information and activities relating to beliefs and practices
CAFOD resources  For Year 7 People of God
CAFOD resources For Year 8 People of God
CAFOD resources  For Year 9 People of God
NATRE Resources Free Resources for KS3

Key Stage 4

Seneca Learning free learning platform which has board specific content for all GCSE Religious Studies Papers
Eduqas Resources - Knowledge Organisers Specific GCSE content for Route B components for Eduqas
Eduqas Skill Builders A series of interactive resources to support the skills required to fulfil the assessment requirements of the Eduqas specification Routes A and B.
Bible Society KS4 Resources Specific to your GCSE specification
MrMacmillan Revision Specific to AQA and Eduqas GCSE Specification as well as Revision hints and tips
Miss Watson RE Revision website for the Eduqas Route B Specification
Faith Philosophy and Life A collection of talked through powerpoints explaining topics at both GCSE and A-level
NATRE Free Resources for KS4 on general topics that appear at GCSE


Key Stage 5

RE Online Christianity Information to increase subject knowledge
RE Online Ethics Information to increase subject knowledge
RE Online Philosophy Information to increase subject knowledge
MrMacmillan Videos on the problem of evil




The Guardian - Religion Section Current and topical up to date information on world religions 
Quizlet You will need to find relevant/reliable pre-made quizzes
Kahoot Online interactive quizzes which can be used in the classroom but and recently developed more activities for online learning
The Bible society Videos Videos on some useful concepts in Christianity
NATRE Socially Distanced learning ideas