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CPD / Training

The training and events for schools in the Diocese for the academic year are featured below . Click on the documents for further information.
Diocesan CPD Programme
Please note the course 'Diocesan day for Prayer & Liturgy on 23 May 2024 is for all schools (primary & secondary). See page 25 of CPD Programme Handbook
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Bishop's Certificate in Catholic Teaching
The course gives new and established staff in our schools the essential knowledge to fully understand the mission of our diocesan school family. It is designed to help enhance the subject knowledge of some fundamental principles and beliefs of the Church.  See CPD Programme for further information.

National Catholic Leadership Programme 2024-2025

This is a new course introduced this year.  Please see information below on the programme.

National Programmes for Catholic Teaching

Tabor programme                                                                                                                                        The National School of Formation Tabor programme, for middle and senior leaders is now recruiting for the next cohort for 2022-2023(commencing in November).

The course establishes a community of transformational, authentic and enabling school leaders at national level.  The programme is rooted in the mission of the Church in education, to enable middles and senior leaders to grow their gift for transformation of society.  Service for the common good, following the example of Christ - inspired by transfiguration - is a core aspect of this programme.  The pastoral cycle themes are used to enable delegates to apply theory into their daily practice, becoming authentic and transformational subject, departmental and senior leaders.  For further information contact - Kate Bailey, Co-Director of Schools on email or go the website - programme.

Building the Kingdom                                                                                                                               

A dynamic and challenging approach to teaching and learning in a Catholic School has been developed. This initiative calls for the contextualising of all learning within the beliefs and values of the Gospel and the Catholic tradition, aspiring to reach the highest levels of learning. It explores the big questions of purpose and meaning that arise throughout the Liturgical year. It provides building blocks to engage students . For further information contact - Kate Bailey, Director of Schools on email or go to the website - the kingdom.

Diocesan Calendar of Events for 2023 - 2024         

 Diocesan Calendar of Events 2023-024 (amended 18.09.23)


The Calendar is also showing on the main website calendar - click on 'events' on the homepage to view the training and event dates.

Professional Development

Information on the Professional Development for teachers in our schools please click on the document below.

Career Pathway Booklet - click here